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How the Music Industry has been transformed by Technology

The music industry has been through a lot of shift over the last two decades. As compared to the past, the way people consume music today has been completely revolutionized. The growth of the music industry has forced artists to change the way they interact and sell music to their audience. Due to the changing of record companies and labels, artists have been forced to change how they sell their music. How the music industry has been transformed by technology is discussed in this article.

The advent of auto-tune is one way by which technology has transformed the music industry. The emergence of auto-tune has given rise to a class of new and young artists. Auto-tune, recognized as a sound now, was initially used to correct the pitch of a musician.

Technology has been able to exchange the music industry through music exchange sites. As early as the 2000s, there were sites that were used to download music. People have evolved from downloading music to streaming music with the help of sites such as Soundcloud and this has been enhanced by the development of technology. Soundcloud has transformed the way artists make their music to be heard by their audience. Not only does Soundcloud help artists build their fan base but it also allows labels to look for new and upcoming talent.

The third way technology has transformed the music industry is through empowerment of producers. Producers have become the main star drivers in the music industry thanks to the development of technology. The development of new production tools has enabled producers to be stars of their own as they can produce quality productions. Producers can also use music production tools such as Fruity Loops ton produce music without musical instruments. The availability of platforms such as YouTube has allowed new music producers to sell and share their music productions.

Music production is no longer location dependent anymore thanks to technology and this has improved the music industry. Musicians from all over the world can work on the same track and in real time thanks to technology. Music arrangements can be made in Sweden while the vocals are laid in New York and the whole project can be mixed and released on the same day.

Technology has allowed for independent artists to be in charge and this has helped transform the music industry. The power artists hold is one of the biggest changes technology has brought in the music industry. In today’s billboard charts, there are many independent artists who have no intention of signing with any record company. Today, artists can use free streamlining platforms to build their fan base. Artists today can only sign a management deal that manages their shows.

In conclusion, the music business is transforming and we can expect great things to come in the future.